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Sealtec provides expertise and knowledge in asphalt and concrete maintenance and repair.

Why Seal Cracks?

Pavement is a costly investment. Just as you would seal leaks in the roof of your building, you should seal cracks in your pavement. Water infiltration through cracks causes deterioration of the pavement and substructure. Untreated cracks propagate and multiply. The result is expensive repairs and reconstruction.

Why Sealcoat?

The Asphalt Institute recognizes the value of sealcoating: “If one does not seal, fine hairline cracks appear in the pavement’s surface… and this is the start of a maintenance problem… By sealing, we then extend the life of the pavement… If one seals immediately, and providing other variables that lead to pavement failure do not come into play, you should be able to extend the pavement life almost indefinitely.”

How does Pavement Deteriorate?

Stage 1 Asphalt Deterioration

New Asphalt

New asphalt pavements seem dense and indestructible, but they are rather porous and they begin to deteriorate rapidly.

Stage 2 Asphalt Deterioration


The sun oxidizes asphalt pavement, hardening the binder that holds the pavement together. The pavement becomes brittle and begins to crack.

Stage 3 Asphalt Deterioration

Water and Cracks

Water enters the cracks. The expansion and contraction of the water during freeze/thaw cycles enlarges the cracks.

Stage 4 Asphalt Deteroration

Buckle and Seperate

Water seeps through the surface, softening the base and the sub-base. The pavement buckles and separates under heavy loads.

Stage 5 Absolute Distruction

Absolute Destruction

Pavement destruction can be caused by factors such as overloading, lack of maintenance, natural wear and tear and poor quality materials.

Start protecting your asphalt and stop the deterioration of your parking lot, road, and drive way. 


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